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All of us want a friend who understands us, who is not in competition with us, who loves us unconditionally, who forgives, and doesn't hold past mistakes against us in a ledger, waiting to be revealed when comes the day we make that "last" mistake and all our past regrets are brought up in one huge outpouring of venom against us.

Been there? Me too!

Travelling along the road of life we encounter many people.

We are all imperfect beings, singed by sin - some more than others. How can we expect another to know every nuance in our temperament!

Of course there will be times when we are hurt by another.

How can we overcome this hurt and not return the ugly words to the party who lashed out at us?

I have found the answer in the Holy Bible; a book full of Holy Wisdom from God, that is like a beautiful balm to the soul.

Even when you think you don't need any balm, it's words cover us like a perfumed luxurious moisturizing cream, nourishing every pore, softening and calming the emotions in our soul.

Do you need that now? Are you suffering hurt and discouragement?

Perhaps you are not hurt but you wonder if there is more to life?  Your past has not been kind and you have overcome in your own way, but still feel an emptiness you cannot describe because all worldly needs are fulfilled?

Maybe you are accomplished in this world, have made millions, and you're a rock star! You don't want for anything.  You help the underpriveleged, and are kind to your family and friends.

Yet, you too are niggled by something so small and prickly that you know there is something you are missing.

None of the above conditions apply to some who may read this but yet, there is a knowing of something more to life you have not experienced or encountered.

Take the time to read the Blog entries at your leisure, (without advertisements) to find out for yourself if the information on this site is the thing that will quench that thirst.

It costs nothing. It is free. You can stop reading any time. And no information is gathered about you personally in any way; only God knows.

But I hope you find the Living Water that quenches the thirst of the soul and spirit within us, and in so doing, you will find a Friend like no other.

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Dear friend

What do you need in your life today?

Give your worry in that matter over to God today.

Allow me to tell you some of the many names of God so you may call on Him for your specific need.

Jehovah Rapha - The Lord Who Heals - my Healer

Jehovah Jireh - The Lord Who Provides - my Provider

Jehovah Shammah - The Lord Who Is There -  my God who is with me, my Hope

Jehovah Raah - The Lord my Shepherd - my Guide

Elohim - The Creator of All Things - my Creator

Be confident that He will never desert you, nor forsake you.

Remember too that He is God and cannot condone sin.

So if you are living sinful, and have not repented to Him, you are limiting His good pleasure to help you.


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God bless you as you search and seek answers to life's meaning.

It is my hope that you will use this safe zone to clear away the veil and enter into a deep meaningful search for Truth. Stay, relax, open your heart and mind to understand God and come back again and again to find peace, joy, forgiveness and hopefully your Saviour.