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10/02/2020 22:52
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Armageddon - Daniel 11:40-45

10/02/2020 12:24
Daniel 11:40-45 And at the time of The End, shall the king of the south push at him (Israel); and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over. He shall...
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The Tribulation - What?

09/02/2020 14:46
Friend, we've all heard about the End Times and many know about The Tribulation Period; but how many understand even the smallest thing about The Tribulation? The Holy Bible, which is the Word of God for us, to help us know Who God is, to learn about His Law, and where we stand in the grand scheme...
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The Crack Of An Open Wound

25/01/2020 14:56
Friend, many of us wonder how some people become a believer. I recently read a testimony from someone who said that the Holy Spirit was able to enter his psyche through, "the crack of an open wound." How true this statement is for many of us believers. We live a life of abandonment to evil...
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The Prayers of Others

20/01/2020 21:45
Friend, do you know that the prayers for you, lifted to the Lord by other people; relatives, friends and strangers does avail much for you - even if you do not believe? Many are the times we tell others of our sorrow, needs, complaints and someone will pipe up "I'll pray for you friend," or "I...
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Cannot Fool God

11/01/2020 10:24
Friend, many humans justify themselves, to themselves and find this "mind justification", a way for them to go on throughout life; justifying all things to the mind, agreeing with their own thinking, beleiving they alone are the judge of their own actions and thoughts.  God says this is...
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The Expectation Of The Wicked

08/01/2020 14:17
Friend, the unbeliever has an expectation that they wil be told to "Enter in," at the Judgement. Many of them think that God has forgiven them therefore they will be told to "Enter in." Others believe that for all the good they did on earth, even though never recognizing Him, they will be told,...
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The Journey To Inner Joy

01/01/2020 21:40
Friend, aren't we all after inner joy? Don't we all wish that war did not exist? Doesn't it hurt your heart when there are disagreements; when we can't get along with others? Why does everything have to be turned upside down and taken in a way something was not intended? We just want peace;...
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The Power & The Glory

26/12/2019 23:06
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The Lord Our Counselor

20/12/2019 21:15
Friend are you going through deep waters of depression; wading through grief, struggling mentally with your problems? Jesus died so you could have a personal Counselor. He told the disciples that He had to go; the Spirit would come in His place, as a Comforter and Counselor. The Holy Spirit will...
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