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We're All Sinners

16/09/2020 21:25
Friend, God has addressed us in His Word; in that He says we have all gone astray from the Perfection in which He created us. God calls it sinning. To us, in these times when we have made all things immoral; unlawful to be lawful and acceptable socially, we find it hard to accept that sin is...
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Surrender All

16/09/2020 07:17
Friend, are you afraid to surrender all to Him Who died for you, to have a Way to be reunited with God? Do you have a desire to throw off the old ways you have been living in, and embrace a new peaceful inner being? Has life been challenging? Your soul feels heavy? The future looks bleak? Has...
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Choose Eternal Life

11/09/2020 11:22
Friend, do you wonder why Christians are so adamant that they will follow Jesus when you, yourself would never put your faith in such a foolish fairytale? Do you wonder why someone you knew as a great "sinner" has turned away from that lifestyle and now goes to church and spouts off about how...
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No Effort - No Gain

06/09/2020 17:24
Friend, have you given your soul to the Lord; and yet the Promises of Christ just don't seem to be yours? Are you flailing around believing that you can have all things, and yet you don't? Nothing's changed much in your circumstances since you became a born-again Christian? You feel like giving up...
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There's A Battle

03/09/2020 14:22
Friend, there's a battle. There's a battle for souls. There's a battle for your soul. There's a battle for our children's souls. These battles are part of a WAR. Evil has declared war on Goodness. Evil hates all things Good. Evil has declared war on God, because He is Good. Evil hates God and all...
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Look At The Cross

28/08/2020 11:12
Friend, have you contemplated the Cross of Christianity? Have you discovered the great meaning behind this symbol? Do you realize without the Cross man would not believe in Eternal Life in The Kingdom of God? It is our sin which created the need for The Cross. It is a symbol of God, The...
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Hosea The Prophet of God

14/08/2020 14:15
Hosea, a prophet of God Almighty had a ministry that lasted 40 years. He received messages from The Lord in the 8th century bc; before Jesus was born. He received these messages during the reign of four kings of Israel; Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah. In his first message he was told to go and...
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Saul became Paul

08/08/2020 09:38
The Apostle Paul is a wonderful teacher of the Christian Faith. Before he became a Christian he was a very devout Jew named Saul. He was waiting and hoping on The Messiah's coming as are the Jews of today. Paul was a great believer of the Jewish faith who desired to help God and who faithfully...
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The Battle of Life

06/08/2020 16:56
Friend, do you feel like everyday is a battle? Friend, the Bible tells us that this is true!  You have deduced correctly! Now what? Is there a Way out of the battle ? Have you fought many battles only to find another pops up immediately? Is there then, a war of many battles? How does one get...
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Take It To The Lord

29/07/2020 17:15
Friend, do you have a need? Don't we all have needs? This world is constantly trying to tear us down; creating need. The devil and his demons think nothing of tearing apart families in uncountable ways; creating need. Evil is rampant and growing stronger every day with the adding of lost souls in...
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