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It's All Spiritual

19/06/2020 09:22
Friend, a life of spiritual fulfillment is much to be desired. When this is achieved we're able to live in the world of chaos in perfect peace. We may be attacked, we may suffer harm to our body and our things, but our mind is still ours. Our heart is still ours. God designed us this way. 1...
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Walk With Him

30/05/2020 20:31
Friend, so many people today are rioting and acting out their anger and fear! But, friend, don't you hope to live in a civilized society? It's true, we haven't come as far as we would like with our laws and personal interactions with each other. Lessons from the Bible tell us that man has invited...
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Revelation Names of God

12/05/2020 21:39
In 1st John 5:7 pictured above, we see that the Disciple John who also wrote Revelation tells us what he knows to be Truth.  John says that there are Three parts of God; Father, Word and Holy Ghost who we today call, Holy Spirit.  The Word of God is also known as Jesus. We attribute many...
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Why Praise God?

30/04/2020 21:21
A person once said to me that they could not worship a God who needed the praise of men. Many people think this way, not realizing that if God is Good, holds all the Power, Knows all things, is Love, Truth and Justice, He of course does not NEED our praise. Then why is praise so important? It is...
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28/04/2020 17:13
Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” King James Version (KJV) Friend, once we have given over our will to the Will of Him Who died for us; to save us from eternal death, the only thing we need to do is remain faithful to Him. In doing...
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Who Are The Faithful

28/04/2020 17:09
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One Book

25/04/2020 08:19
Friend, there is a trick, a delusion, that the devil plays on seeking minds. We get so eager for Knowledge that we sometimes jump ahead of The Lord and follow satan, who is waiting with his innumerable demons to fulfill his every wish; to trap us in an extended (lifetime) search of never finding...
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Praise The Lord

22/04/2020 21:45
Praise The Lord for He has done great things above what seemed possible in my life! He is an Amazing God and He is Perfect in all He does! He has listened to me and worked a beautiful tapestry of my life, that to others is all tattered and not very pretty.  But I know what He had to work...
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Losing someone

21/04/2020 21:09
Friend in these times of isolating ourselves from others and hearing of so many dying alone, it is very sobering as we wonder what is going on in the world and what if we ourselves come to the end of our life. Many have lost loved ones worldwide during this pandemic. But my mind is always centered...
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Forgive Them

18/04/2020 21:29
Friend, Easter has just passed and we so quickly go back to the world and it's ways, the memory of Christ's Great Love Gift fading into the distance of time, once again. By doing this, we show Him that His Gift was nothing of value to us. It's important though, to walk with Him daily; at home, at...
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