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It's Not A Fairy Tale

20/12/2019 21:15
Friend, so many people consider what Christians believe in, to be a "fairy tale." But many of those same people will not say the same about Buddah, or other belief systems. Many humans like to think of Holy God as not existing at all, or that the story of Jesus is a "fairy tale" loved by...
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God Speaks

20/12/2019 08:33
Friend, have you been wrestling with God over the evil things you see in the world and wondering why He does not operate in the way you would towards these despicable ways of man? Those thoughts will keep us from knowing a Loving God! Friend, God is Good all the time; even when we see evil...
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No One But Jesus

18/12/2019 15:35
Friend, as a Christian, a believer in Christ, we are growing in Godly Knowledge every day. He alone should be the One for whom we change our ways. Many of us think that changing for a spouse or friend will bring us an acceptance we desire. Until we find that changing, did very little but require...
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Are You Weary?

09/12/2019 21:27
Friend, this world can make us weary. Weary in body and weary of mind. We see so much evil at work in the world today.  Our televisions and our computers and phones are full of violence and every ungodly thing.  These influences can make the mind weary. Our workspaces used to be a day's...
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Hiding from God

04/12/2019 16:02
  Friend, we all hide from God in some way. Many of us create strongholds, barriers and facades built of strong defiance, strong disagreement, strong unbelief, strong selfishness, strong physical and or mental stamina of resistance to anything about God, Godliness, Jesus, The Holy Bible,...
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Signs of the Times

28/11/2019 09:53
Friend, God's Word, The Holy Bible speaks of the state of the world, during the time when our world as we know it will be in it's last throws.   It speaks of times when the world will be overrun with identifiable signs, so the people who have accepted Jesus as Saviour, will know to be...
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Whom God Forgives

27/11/2019 20:46
Friend, many people seem unforgiveble to us, yet God says everyone is forgiveable. Not all will choose to be forgiven but all have the right to receive Forgiveness. This is what God's Word indicates; even though it seems unbelievable when we hear or see of someone who has carried out a heinous...
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Types of People

18/10/2019 08:11
Friend, how do you think God looks at us as people? Does He divide us into colour of skin? Does He divide us into belief systems? Is it by country? Is it by language? Is it by our individual interests? No, this is how we divide ourselves. God allowed us life. Our soul was created by Him. He sees...
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Jesus Does Not Abandon Believers

17/10/2019 21:06
Friend, it's important for us to remember that Jesus never abandons those who genuinely love Him. And He does not abandon others - they actually abandon Him but point the finger at Him to say, " You abandoned me!" He has not abandoned anyone. He died for each and every one of us.  But many of...
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05/09/2019 21:44
Friend, is there Joy in your soul? Are you able to smile? God wants us to rejoice because we know Him. If we know Him as He wants us to, we will rejoice within and retain the state of Joy all though our days no matter what we face. Why? Because knowing Him, is life-altering for our soul. Knowing...
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