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Our Will

03/08/2018 21:54
Friend, the Christian life on this earth is all about our will. Will we, or won't we, conform to God's Will for us? We are here for a reason, and it is not to please ourselves rolling around in evil "delights." On our own, we cannot do anything, but with our Lord and Saviour, all things are...
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God Glorified

30/07/2018 21:34
Friend, to follow Jesus and to do His Will is to glorify Him. Seek to be a born-again Christian. There are many Christians of the world who do not follow Jesus or have a personal relationship with Him. Many people say they are Christians; and Jesus will separate his sheep from the goats and the...
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Blessed Are...

27/07/2018 21:55
Friend, Jesus spoke the following Words to the multitudes who had begun to follow Him, at the beginning of His Ministry. Picture yourself, walking many miles to be where He was; to hear Him; to find out for yourself if this man was a fool, a charlatan or was He the Promised Messiah. This is how He...
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Sin, Continual & Habitual

24/07/2018 21:27
Friend, when we know God, we must not treat Him like He is a fool. His Son paid the price for the sin of each human individually. Before He Forgives us He asks us to repent of sin.  To be born-again means we have said "Yes, Lord, I repent," and mean it with all our hearts. Repent means to...
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God Is Not A Man

20/07/2018 21:56
Friend, do not make the mistake of believing that God thinks or acts, as we would. He is Omnicscient and Omnipresent.  We will fall over in shock when we see Him. He will be amazingly beautiful beyond what we can imagine. We will instantly know that he is the Creator of mathematics, all the...
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Christ - God Revealed To Man

13/07/2018 22:03
Friend, our Father has given us His Word; His Son Jesus, whom we learn about in The Bible; The Word of God. Yes, friend, Jesus is The Word of God; or The Word.  He speaks and it is so; accomplished in Pure Goodness. He has many Names because He is God Almighty; for every facet of Himself...
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Be Thankful

09/07/2018 21:16
Friend, today was a day the devil thought he was going to win. He thought he would destroy a believer's hope in God, their love for God and faith in God. The horrible deed was done to a much loved older pet. It's chances were predicted to be dire - amputation or put down. BUT GOD, was called...
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Our State Of Mind

24/06/2018 21:32
Friend, have you ever been depressed? During those times of despair, desperation and depression we find ourselves at a loss to drag our mind from the negative things in our lives that everybody experiences at some time. Many are the "life experiences," that we are unable to avoid; which bring on...
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If Only You Knew

22/06/2018 21:22
Friend, if only you knew how much you are loved by The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Understanding what they have put in place for you, a sinner according to God's Law and Will, would prove to your mind and heart that Holy All Encompassing Love is yours; if only you understood! The Father's Love is...
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All Are Forgiven

18/06/2018 21:35
Friend, all are Forgiven, but not all die Saved from their sin's due punishment under The Law; which holds all that is in place, because God Himself in Three Persons, is The Law, and The Law calls for the Lawbreaker to pay a price. It is through His Law that all He does is created and operates. He...
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