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It's A Choice

18/08/2019 20:52
Friend, Almighty God asks us to choose Salvation through His Son's work on the Cross at Calvary where evil was defeated; or outwitted some would say. It's at the Cross that we come to know the Love of God for us, even while we were sinners, even before we were born and were known to become...
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Zechariah 2:13

17/08/2019 20:59
Be silent, all flesh, before The Lord.    Zechariah 2:13 Listen carefully to Me, and eat that which is Good (God's Word), and delight yourself in abundance.    Isaiah 35:2b He Who searches the heart knows what the Mind of The Spirit is because He intercedes for the saint...
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Hebrews Chapter 1

10/08/2019 21:44
Hebrews Chapter One.   1 God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, 2 Hath in these last days spoken unto us by His Son, whom He hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also He made the worlds; 3 Who being the...
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Serious Business

10/08/2019 21:10
Friend, do not be deceived by evil. The intent of evil is to deceive, and evil is good at it. Evil knows our limitations, weaknesses, and has an account of our sin; the skeletons in our closets. Evil is behind every lie we have told; every sleight of hand; every bout of maniacal foolishness; the...
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The Heart Knows

01/08/2019 07:39
Friend, have you heard Jesus knocking at the door to your heart wherein He would like to take up His Throne and be your Guide through this life? Too many of us deny Him. We try to keep our head turned away. Our necks are stiff against Him. The heart is hardened and won't allow the gems of...
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God Thoughts - Above Ours

25/07/2019 22:07
Here is one thought, of many, that people have when thinking about God. "How can God send people to Hell?" they ask. "Isn't He supposed to be a God of Love?" They just won't reconcile it in their minds. God's Law is placed in our heart, but we choose to listen to satan - like Eve. We go about...
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Who Is Christ To You?

20/07/2019 21:30
"Who is Christ to you?" This is a very serious question we must ask ourselves, not only as believers, but even as unbelievers. All people. "Who is Christ to me?" should be a constant question throughout our lives. We can use this question as a guide for our soul and spirit. It will help us keep on...
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Overcoming Struggles

12/07/2019 21:34
Friend, we all have daily struggles in many areas of our lives. There are spiritual struggles against the enemy of faith and there are struggles in our work and personal life. Struggles in all areas are tiring to the spirit, soul and body. But, struggles show us that we have not succumbed to the...
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Emotional Healing

02/07/2019 07:46
Friend, there is healing to be had from our Lord Jesus. Our emotional journey is important to Him as is our whole life experience. This world, this body, this life causes us to have emotional scars. It is a good thing. It means you are alive; you are experiencing things, you're interacting with...
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The Question of, "Killing For God"

28/06/2019 21:07
It has come up for much discussion in the last few decades; although it has always been a question of stumbling along the Path of Righteousness; "Is killing in God's Name correct?" First the answer is "No." Wholesale killing of people who do not agree with our views is never sanctioned by God. The...
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