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Give Thanks

06/06/2018 21:38
In 1986, a songwriter called Don Moen released an album called "Give Thanks." The first line directs us to "Give thanks with a Grateful Heart." This one line pleases God very much. No matter what is going on in our life if we can humble ourselves to honour God with thanks, He is obligated by his...
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Undisciplined Nature Of Man

01/06/2018 22:12
Friend, either we will or we won't believe. It's a choice. God will not make us believe. He Is. He knows Who He Is, and He shows Who He Is to us, but His Will is not imposed on us in this life. We think it is, but in reality satan imposes his will on us, we willingly accept it; and when things go...
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The Will of Humans

29/05/2018 21:14
Friend, God desires our will to be absorbed into His Glorious Will - for our own soul and spirit's sake. He is not a hard taskmaster. Knowing nothing about Him, we think He is a hard taskmaster and we blame Him for all our ills; yet in the next breath, deny His existence.. But theTruth is; that He...
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The World Hates Believers

25/05/2018 22:39
  Friend, are you one of those who hate anything to do with God, Jesus, Heaven, The Bible, Religion, Godliness, in it's many earthly forms? It is true, that if one has a demonic spirit embedded within them, they will hate anything to do with Godliness. The demons know about God, but they have...
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Pride Separates Us From God

21/05/2018 20:34
Friend, all we need to really know in life, is that God desires we turn our face towards Him, and learn of Him. He will do the rest when we do that. The multitude of issues, problems, interests, people etc we have in our lives keep us from seeing God; and those same "things" get in the way of us...
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Eternal Light Divine

20/05/2018 20:12
Friend, are you aware that God is Light? He is the Most Pure/Holy Light, Whom without His Light, we would not exist. Matthew 17:2 And He  (Jesus) was transfigured  (changed from flesh to Light) before them, and His face shone like the sun, and His clothes became white as Light. There is...
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God Loves

03/05/2018 22:17
Friend, God loves us. This is what He wants us to know. He has given us the ability to figure everything out and to help others along the Path of Righteousness. He loves all He creates; and He created the human race. He is Law. Everything that emanates from Him is held together by all the Law of...
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Messages From God's Word

26/04/2018 22:31
Friend, The God of All Creation has left Messages for you and me, in The Word of God; The Holy Bible. Many of them have been written about in this blog - continue to read previous blog entries to hear what God has spoken for you. Many are not written plainly, but are kept for you and your "such a...
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In Line With God

24/04/2018 21:03
Friend, if God is Who He says He Is, and Who He must be in order to be The God Above All Gods, then He must be Correct and Perfect in all He thinks and does. He must never make a mistake in any aspect of all He does. God has to be Omniscient, Omnipotent. He has to be Good to the degree of...
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Rely on God's Promises

20/04/2018 22:02
Friend, we should always rely on God's Promises. He is not a liar, and will not withhold any of his Promises from a Forgiven believer - born again of the spirit, in the mind, heart and body. This is Godly Law; that His Promises are for us, and are available at all times, to us. When our heart and...
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