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Ego - Personal Pride

23/06/2019 21:30
Friend, many of us value our personal pride in who we are, what we do and say, and what we know. How's that working out? It's that ego that every human has - a gift from evil forces. Have you found that there are many times when your pride is bruised or downright smashed? Do you allow despair to...
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Hidden Glory

20/06/2019 21:31
Friend, God wills that you see Him, in all that He has created. He wills that we do not worship the created things (our own kind too) but worship Him and Him alone; because in the worship we receive His Holy Peace and Love. He meets us there. It is like fresh clean pure water for the thirsty soul....
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Stand On Solid Ground

13/06/2019 23:56
Friend, in the times of our lives we go through so many things; so many "ups" and so many "downs." Oh, how we love the "ups!" But it's important to know how to get through the "downs." The "downs" in life are allowed so that our soul can learn; be strengthened and grow in knowledge. They come to...
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Stumbling Over The Cross

25/05/2019 09:33
  Friend, many people stumble in their seeking and searching for God when they consider, the Christian Cross. It is unbelievable to them that a Good God would allow His only Son to die on a Roman cross, brutally beaten, innocent of all charges. That a pure, humble, teacher full of life and...
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Luke Chapter 1

23/05/2019 12:16
Each of us, must start on his or her own journey to know Holy Almighty and Powerful God of Truth, Love and Justice. God prophesied through His Holy Prophets, that a babe would be born and it would be the Messiah, God's Own Son, God Himself in the form of Jesus, Yeshua, Who would be born to save...
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Beware the Deceit of Riches

10/05/2019 06:03
    When the deceitfulness of riches works its way there is no longer any walking humbly with God, nor simple dependence upon him.  There is little or no prizing of Grace, and seeking after it as for hid Treasure; for are not the barns full, and is not that enough? (our own...
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The Unseen World

10/05/2019 05:37
Friend, has your inner sense made you aware of an unseen world? Have you had glimpses of things that logically should not happen in this world?  Have you seen, or experienced answer to prayer? Have you had coincidences that are only explainable if there is something on the other side of this...
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24/04/2019 10:29
Friend, beware the smiling face of evil. It encamps around our soul with it's unlimited supply of demons to devise plans and ways of destroying our mind, body and soul. Evil even turns on it's own in order to deceive, like the dog who chases and bites it's own tail! It loves to convince us that it...
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Wounded and Corrupted Soul

12/04/2019 07:26
Friend, the world offers us many things to try, to taste, to see, and to feel. Almighty God asks us to taste of His Goodness. Psalm 34:8 O taste and see that the Lord is Good. The world's offerings and enticements lead us into wickedness. 1 Corinthians 10:23 “All things are lawful for me, but...
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Is God Beautiful?

01/04/2019 15:12
Friend, when we consider Who God Is, and we find He is Powerful; holding all Power, Loving; having Pure Love, Good; being full of Goodness, Truthful; holding all Pure Truth within Himself; Creative; being the Creator of all things, Knowing; knowing all things even the hairs on our heads, Able; in...
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