A Glad Heart

28/04/2015 10:13

Friend, let us have glad hearts!

Is your heart attuned to Godly things?

Does your mind long for more knowledge of spiritual matters?

Are you beginning to see with spiritual eyes?

Have your ears been unplugged to hear the word of God in a new way?

Are the words from your lips more spiritual?


Ah friend, Jesus loves you!  He has begun a new work in you and you are responding appropriately.

He wants you to have a glad heart.  You are the recipient of comfort and peace from the Lord.  He loves you and cares for your well-being.  He will protect you and keep you safe.

Your previous circumstances and beliefs have left a trail of muck that Jesus has to wade through and  bring you out of, so some of your new circumstances may look as though He has abandoned you and the devil will tell you He has, but stand firm in your faith; and Jesus, the new keeper of your soul will help you. 

Just be faithful and have a glad heart - one that is full of praise for what He is doing for you and one that will worship Jesus the love of your new life.

Praise and worship from a glad heart bring the Lord closer to us.