A Hunger For The True God

19/07/2015 20:15

Friend, do you have a hunger to know the One True God?

Are you searching for Truth?

Are you willing to find the Truth and believe?

The Holy Spirit has included the account of a man named Cornelious in the Holy Bible.  Look him up to find out more about him.

Cornelious was a Roman military man who had authority over the Jewish people in the city in which he lived.

He was a good man at heart and so had that light within him.  Living among the Jewish people he found them to be good people.  He was drawn to their ways of living, finding them to be very clean and meticulous and also very healthy. 

Cornelious was also an intelligent man. 

The Jewish temple had an area set aside where Gentile people could come to hear the reading of the Torah and  observe the temple rituals.

Cornelious became an attendant at temple and began to live and conduct himself as the best person he could be according to the Jewish teachings.  His whole household were influenced by him and they too were of the same mindset.

Yet, Cornelious knew he wanted to know God more. He was a good man and yet he knew he was not going to Heaven according to the Jewish faith and he knew all the gods of the Romans and Greeks and all other religions of man would not get him what he desired. He fasted and prayed daily and God answered his prayers.

An angel of the Lord directed him to the Disciple Peter in another town so that he could bring him back to Cornelious's home in order that Cornelious and his house could be taught.

And, Peter taught of the Sacrifice of Jesus and the Plan of God that included Gentiles. 

Here is a lesson for us today.  We the Gentile (unbeliever in Christ) can be reconciled to God Almighty through the Sacrifice of His Son.  All we have to do is believe that God sent His Son to die for our sins and be thankful for the renewing of our soul from sinful unbeliever to sinner saved by Grace.

Are you like Cornelious?  Are you a good person who doesn't have the assurance that you will be with God in Heaven?

There are many good people who have gone to hell.  Don't be one of them.  Do not deny your heart what it wants, because your mind will not accept that it has been wrong all this time.

Follow the Light and satisfy that hunger!  Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, and be assured that you will be with Him in Paradise when your time comes for your soul to slip from this body, and leave this world behind.