A Living Relationship

02/10/2014 12:03

The Lord Jesus Christ desires to have a living relationship with you.  He wants it to be personal to each of us.  He knows our needs from the perspective of the Big Picture of which He is in control.

He knows of our earthly needs also and will supply these. 

What we want may not be what our need truly is and we should submit to the understanding that His Way is the purest and quickest way for us. 

Sometimes it may be painful in the flesh to walk this Way, but ultimately as we quickly turn our thinking around, and do not strain at the yoke, we will see the beauty of how he orchestrated the way for us. We will see that it was not difficult or hard for us but that he was loving and perfect in His choices for us, because in the trial, there are blessings for the willing and quick to repent person.

Do not cling to old ideas and teachings but open your mind to the new living relationship you have found with your Saviour and Teacher.  Perhaps you were meant to go down the paths in the wilderness and get lost so that now you can experience true joy because you know for sure your ideas were incorrect.  The experiences you have had that have not led to death are used to show us when we come to Christ that He is able to heal and that we are loveable.

Friend, He knows us from before we were born.  He knows the circumstances of every facet of your soul and flesh life.  Choices not in line with his Law will have not great consequences and choices made in line with His Law will have good consequences.

It is His Wisdom, Love, and Mercy that carry us on according to His Law.

Enter in to the living relationship with Him and follow His Way.  Do not be on the outside and thrash about in your own muddy pit, flailing and gasping for air.

His hand is stretched out to you.  Take it.

Praise God for His Mercy!  He has kept you alive for this time - now.