A Praise Filled Life

31/08/2016 21:50

Friend, commit to having a praise-filled life and you will be rewarded bountifully by the Lord.

There's a secret side of Christian life - and that is the praise filled life.

When we truly know that the Lord, He is Good; He is Trustworthy; He is Goodness and therefore Truth and Law, we see that He must be Beautiful and His persona must be Glorious.

We further find Him to be full of Grace and Mercy. The list goes on and on; we realize that He is Perfect, Holy, and is Creator of all things, present everywhere at all times in our past, present and future.

It becomes mind boggling and we step back in fear of His Awesomeness and Magnificence.

We realize that He will not make an allowance for us; that His Law stands and we must get in line with Him and not He with us.

This is the turning point for our souls, and it is at this very special recognicition that He is God in Perfect Totality, and we are His creation; therefore subject to His Law whether we agree or like it, and that He in the form of His Son, was a Sacrifice for us, that we become connected to Him.

He did it Himself. Suffered for us. He shows His Great Love for us. We are sinners but His Grace and Mercy in the form of this Great Sacrifice was done so we could be found "Not Guilty" at the Judgement.

Our soul then is filled with the desire to thank Him. We realize how great this Gift is for our soul. It's an Eternal Gift.

Many are the songs, hymns and poetry that have been written to express the feelings of thankfulness and joy, for what He did for us.

So many people have been born and passed away into the life after death realm and millions upon millions have come to these realizations just through contemplating life, never having the Word (Holy Bible) to teach them and guide them into a relationship.

We are the blessed because God continues to teach and guide through ordinary people He is free to share His Word and Law through for the edification of those He has guided onto the Righteous Path.

Is this you, friend? Have you found this site, and it is blessing your understanding of who God is?

Regarding praise for our Lord and Saviour Redeemer, the Peacemaker and Mighty Warrior who fights our battles as He goes forth before us to make a Way where there seems to be no way...some do not have the gift to express feelings in the composition of words and music but we can dance and sing to the music composed by others, as a form of praise.

Playing Christian music in your home, car, gym, and wherever you can that does not offend others is highly recommended for the peace it brings to the soul.

Fully embrace the peaceful Christian lifestyle and learn of Who Jesus is and when the maturity in the faith is formed, the Lord has a strong faith filled worker in His Vineyard.

A  believer who desires to please and serve the Lord as His hands and Feet on this earth will rapidly gain the growth required to be a bessing to his fellow man. A praise filled lifestyle and a repetant heart draws us closer to God and we are afforded more Gifts, Power and the ability to reach others with the Gospel.

Praise is the antidote to evil and prayer is the squelcher of the plans of evil.

The devil must flee from those who God has His Covering over. (Satan's power is limited and allowable only by God's Law.)

Set out today to be that believer - a prayer warrior for every cause the Lord puts on your heart and a praise-filled soul and spirit filled with thanks for what He has done for you and for who He is, all the day through.