A Strong Faith

10/04/2016 21:08

Friend, many of us want to be the possessor of a strong faith.

But do we understand what that is?

To have a strong faith is to turn one's world upside down.

It means we must be happy when God deprives us of something we thought we were entitled to, because we love Him.

Do you cry out, "Why, God, why?" Or, "Why me, God? Am I not loving You and serving You?" He already knows just where your heart is and He allows the trial so that you will learn that your faith is in need of strengthening.

Fool the devil and thank God for the trial and walk humbly before Him, eyes fixed on His Love for you; His complete care for your soul, paramount.

Do not wish to be great and do not see yourself as wise. The devil will prove you wrong and God will allow it for His Glory which you may not learn about until you get to the other side.

Be happy to be taught by God and to face and enter into every fiery trial you must, to be purified and receive your just reward - eternal life with the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

This life is a gift for our soul to be reunited with the Father through the Sacrifice of the Son and by the teaching of the Holy Spirit. God wants to use those of us who have a personal relationship with Jesus, as sowers of seeds for the Great Harvest of souls.

See yourself as a needed worker in the Kingdom. You are loved and cherished, nourished and cared for, guided and taught and encouraged and uplifted by all the great resources of Heaven.

Be about your Father's Business. You have been hired and you have a position.

Report for work with joy in your heart and assurance of His Loyalty to you.

He is the One who will guide and direct your path, just be willing. Do not get ahead of Him.

Prayer and continual communication with Him is key to you hearing these words from your Lord; "Well done, good and faithful servant!"