1 John 5:7

03/04/2015 11:06


Scripture.  For there are three that bear record in Heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are One.  1 John 5:7  KJV

God Himself here clearly states that the Father, Son and Spirit are One.

One God, triune in nature.

When God sent His Son to the Cross, in actuality, He came Himself to defeat sin. 

Only He could defeat sin.  Only He could come up with a plan to defeat sin.  Only He cared for His own creation enough to save it.  He knew that only blood would cleanse us because He is the Creator, and familiar with all the Laws of His creation.

Evil was trumped when Jesus went to the Cross.  Evil thought it had triumphed by executing Jesus.  But, God knows the workings of everything in His universe, so therefore is familiar with the workings of evil, knowing it's every thought.

It is nothing for God to overcome evil. He has a Plan in place for satan and his followers, and it is working as per God's schedule and timing.  He is not late to do something, about evil. Evil is having it's day as God said it would. 

Do not be drawn into evil's losing game even though it is all dolled up to look exciting, amusing, fun and beneficial for your worldly needs.  Evil is the losing side.  Period.

God is not a liar.  Do not let your eye be taken in with all the lusts of life or your ear hear all the murmurings against God, let your heart have full rein to know the Truth, instead.

The reward is everlasting life in the Kingdom of God. This world is but for a little while and everyone will suffer a little; the evil and the believer, but it's the end game and the reward to which you should be looking.


Lord, thank you for considering my future and defeating sin.  Help me to look to the Cross as a symbol of Your Love for me.  Reveal to me the wonderful majesty of the Cross and all it shows of Your Love.  In  Jesus's Name.  Amen.