1 Peter 1:14

01/05/2015 16:11

As obedient children, do not be conformed to the passions of your former ignorance. 1 Peter 1:14

Friend, the Lord is saying to us each and every moment, the above words from 1Peter.

Our former passions to do what we "felt" were right for us, and what the world says is right for us, are only that - passions to be overcome and let go.

Today worldly thinking people say that one can do whatever one wants - it is their right. 

It's correct that we all have free will to do as we please but the spiritual righteousness that God asks us to have is not of the world.  Some things will never have God's blessing, and we do well to find out what they are and avoid them.

Each one of us is so unique. We are the product of so many things.  Generations of bad thinking, or Godly thinking, diseases of the body and mind, carried forward to us from our ancestors, the placement of our family in society's eyes, wht society has "taught" us, and etc.

A few of us scratch our way out of situations, or miss the bad genes and some of us even discard our Godly upbringings to become who we want to be according to the latest influences of music, books, movies, religions, cultures.

Examine your life to find the good and the bad.  Decide today which things have merit for your spiritual journey and begin to discard the rest.  Ask the Spirit to help you and praise God for bringing you to this place of beginning.

Jesus will lead you out of darkness and into the Light if you let Him.  One step at a time just follow Him and you will arrive in the Light and be blessed in your spirit. 

Strong faith in Him who can do all things, and prayer and thanksgiving for the journey is all you need to overcome the past and move forward in peace and harmony.