2John 2:9 meditation verse

03/02/2015 15:20

Meditation for today...     


He that sayeth he is in the Light, and hateth his brother, is in darkness, even until now. 

2 John 2:9  KJV

The apostle John warns us that we can be deceived and corrupted by evil.  This warning should make us fearful of our duty to honour God by not letting what Christ did for us on the Cross to become something that we end up standing on and dirtying with filthy living.

Evil is like a deadly venomous snake sliding around quietly, cunningly waiting for a moment to pounce.  Be watchful always.

Accepting the free Gift of Salvation involves treasuring that Gift.  To hate or willfully do wrong is to be in darkness, denoting that we were are not truly saved but only accepted the Gift  with emotion,  not with repentance and desiring reconciliation. 

The Holy Spirit urges and works tirelessly with each of us to help us grow and when we ignore the Spirit's urgings to forgive, to do good, to refrain from evil habits, we are denying our Faith in Jesus, and therefore, His Gift.


Lord, thank You for what You have done for me.  Help me to forgive those who hurt me, and to walk in the Light. Let me never take Your Gift lightly because it cost You so much. Amen.