Fulness of Joy

18/06/2018 00:00

Friend, to enter into a relationship with God the Son, we must relinquish the hold the world has on us.

This seems to be a scary thing to do; difficult even.

But, when we know, that we know Jesus is our Lord and Saviour, and we decide to be a follower, He makes it easy for us, if we surrender our will to Him and walk through what life we have left on earth, in His Will.

Doing this simple thing consciously thoughout the day, will open doors we did not know were closed. 

Our relationship with Him will become a powerful force in our lives.

It will center and balance our soul and spirit.

He fills us with Strength.

In Him we can be Courageous, "more than Conquerors."

He guides us into the Greener Pastures.

He removes the stumbling blocks so we will not fall.

He fills our heart with Joy.

We see past the evil curtains of the world, and Loveliness is revealed.

Our eyes are unveiled and our ears are unstopped-up.

All these things and more are ours, as we go deeper into the Holy Territory of the mind.

Jesus asks us to discipline our mind, and to freely agree with Him; because He knows all and sees all and is Pure and Holy and Perfect in all He does.

He will not control us.

If ever you feel like you are being controlled, stop, turn to Him, because that is a demon from Hell masquerading as an angel of Light.

The Father's yoke for us is light, and not heavy.

Even going through a difficult time that we have brought upon ourslves, as a consequence of sin in our lives, we will still be able to have a relationship with Him that is Fulfilling, Strengthening and Beautiful for our soul.

Consequences we have brought upon ourselves for sin from our past, and sin we continue on in, after receiving Salvation, are not removed. The Law states they will be there, but the Punishment is gone. We must walk in the consequences of the decisions we have made as Jesus guides us and moulds our soul through Knowledge of Truth and Wisdom; strengthening us to be fit for His Kingdom.

eg. Maybe we have been an addict and have nothing, but we come to Jesus and we receive Salvation; we do not automatically get a mansion and have an expensive car and a wallet full of cash. No, we are saved from the wrath of God but the consequences of our sinful choices are still with us. 

But, He will help us make a Way where there seems to be no way! 

God delights in helping us up out of the mire. 

That "Education" is the best. 

He wants to show us His Power over all things, even satan and his wicked demonic army.

We learn how much He loves us and we become strong, because we do it as a labourer under the Great Steward and Mentor of our souls.

When He does that for us, we have such great admiration and awe for Him, that we are unable to stop from praising and loving Him.

We just know that, "that" was a God "thing" and how amazingly wonderful and perfect it was to experience God performing a miracle that only we experienced.

My hope and prayer for each reader is that they experience this Great Love, Forgiveness, Salvation, Provision, Healing, Holy Encouragement and Fullness of Joy.

Love God and He will Love you!