21/08/2018 21:47

Friend, God asks us to love Him.

That is what He desires from us.

Is this such a fearful thing?

Why do we try everything the world has to offer; keeping our back turned to God?

Why do we put Him on the back-burner; at the bottom of the waiting list; keep Him far-off in the distance; ears blocked-up; eyes with the veil over; heart switched off to Him, and like with those annoying phone callers, our mind blocked from His Voice and Word.

Are we fearful?


Many of us inwardly know that He exists, but falsely think that if we ignore Him, deny His existence, He will leave us alone and we will have a much better life without Him.

We fear His Diety. We fear His Power. We fear His Law, we know He is The Judge. 

But friend, using these tactics to avoid God, will never change anything for the Good in our lives.

God is still there and always will be.

He gives us this Gift of a life here on the earth and it is our choice, what we want to do with it.

God has placed knowledge in our hearts and minds about Himself, so we will recognize Him when we hear the Truth.

He loves us. 

We are lied to by the world and we believe that God hates us because of the bad things that happen to us. Maybe it is an illness of a loved one, the loss of someone we love, things not going how we think they should if God loved us. 

We have hundreds of excuses for believing God does not love us. 

From that stance we go to, God must not exist because I am so good, and He does not ever do anything for me that I want or need. 

We also believe that God cannot exist when we see others suffering; our animals and the lovely things in the world being destroyed by the elements of this earth.

But friend, God does exist, and this is the place to start when investigating whether "God exists."

Try, "God exists, but why does this happen?"

For God, this acknowledges Him and allows Him to answer your question.

The God who does not exist cannot answer a question. He is not engaged with you becuse you do not believe in Him. He respects your decision.

He will not give up on sending the Holy Spirit to you to introduce you to Jesus until the moment you die, but He will not interfere with your choices. They are yours to make. 

He knew you before you were born, the Scripture (His Word) says. So you must have had an encounter with Him in the spirit world before you were born. You were given permission to enter this world. You were given Free Will. He agreed He would not impose His Will on you.

How's that been going for you?

Happy with your life?

If at any time you are not happy with your life, you may surrender your will and give it to Him by accepting His Son as your Saviour from the punishment, according toThe Law which you would have been aware of in the spirit world, for your sinful choices and thereafter walking in His Will to the end of your days. 

This would be the best choice you could ever make for your soul. 

After this life in God's timing, we will all face the Judge and be weighed on the Scales of Justice.

All those who have accepted the Son as Saviour and walk in the Will of God, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

The thing to fear is Hell and God's Wrath.