God Forgives

28/07/2020 10:27

Friend, Jesus made a Way for us to overcome evil.

The Way is not just that He died for us to be able to be reunited with the Father after this life.

No, it is a very amazing Way with many advantages for the believer.

His Word, The Bible is full of accounts of people who overcame and these are The Word's Way of showing us how to walk in Godliness, pray and listen, follow His Law and so on to live a life abundantly here.

God is not interested in our desire to be famous or cool because really, He is The Ultimate and there is no other. 

We lift up people here that do not deserve in a Godly Way to be exalted.

No one is above our God.

We can have riches - if that is in God's Plan for us.

There are examples in The Bible of rich men; Abraham and Solomon and others mentioned nameless too. These people knew that their great wealth came from God. They did not exalt themselves, but they thanked God and revered Him.

Also, the absence of riches in our lives is not an indication that we are not going to be used by God or loved by God.

Riches is not something we should seek after though, as King Solomon in Proverbs has advised.

If God gives the increase and is acknowledged for that, we should see evidence of God's hand upon them. In other words, they will obey God's Law and love His Word.

God does like to use the poor, the weak, the disadvantaged; drawing them out of their churches and communities to do great things amongst the people to testify of Him, and help people know that God is Gracious and Merciful.

This is how He outwits satan.

Satan continually oppresses the poor and weak. 

He also lures people into great wealth with his evil ways; keeping them trapped in addictions that he used to catch them with in the first place.

Truly, our first line of defence should be The Word of God; The Bible.

This world is filled with devils, demons, satanic forces bent on our destruction. They do not want us to be with God. They are building their army and if they can kill the body before we have given our allegiance to Jesus, our soul will be theirs to torment and torture into submission to them, for the great fight they intend to bring to God's Kingdom.

If you think the satanic world will win, that's a very foolish thought!

Choose your side soon and get on board with The Son of God.

It's a choice.

He chose you when He went to the Cross. 

Honour Him now so the connection is made with Him.

It's like signing a contract. You're in agreement with Him that He has died for your sins and you have chosen Him to be your Saviour and Friend for eternity because He died so you may be free from the cluthes of satan.

His Holy Blood spilt on the ground for you is the payment that is required; and He did it so you would not have to suffer.

But if you don't agree then you will suffer for your sins.

Satan did not expect God to employ this Great Plan to save you.

It's not something he would do for anyone. 

He's in the killing of souls business, not the giving of Eternal Life business.

We will trip and stumble in our walk with God, but our God is a Forgiving God. If we admit our failings, He will forgive us.

The Blood was shed once for all and all are welcome to accept Jesus as Saviour.

This choice must be made before we leave this earth. It must be genuine because God discerns what is in the mind and heart of people.

Choose now, friend if you have not previously done so.