Sin Blocks Spirituality

31/10/2016 09:26

Friend, we sometimes wonder why we can't move forward spiritually.

We only have to ask the Holy Spirit.

First seek quietness in your soul. Ask God for the confusion to be quietened in your mind.

Seek His Presence.

Allow Him to convict your heart and mind of the sin that is blocking your forward spiritual movement.

Actively confront the sin or sins and throw them on the funeral pyre to be burnt.

Allow them no more access and fight the daily fight against them.

God is faithful. He will heal and help you conquer when you are fully committed to Him.

Be open to His leading as your version of what victory looks like, may not be the correct one for where you sit in God's Will.

Invariably we think we are in a much higher position than we actually are; according to God's Law and Will.

Enjoy the journey as you allow Him to strip all the waste, all the coverups, all the scales and sores, from your soul.

Become that tender person and learn of the Holy Armor that is ours to wear.