Abide In Him

17/02/2015 10:04

Friend, the Lord is asking you to abide in Him.

There are lessons to be learned every day and when we are abiding in Him, He will be leading the way on the Path of Victory and Peace.

He will show us the old ties that need to be cut or loosened in our relationships with people and things so that they will no longer have any power over us to trigger problems and issues in our life that hold us back from being close to Jesus our Saviour.

We should always be focused on the end - life with Jesus in Paradise for eternity.  This is a desire that we come into this world with - to be reunited with God.

The day passes and the new morning comes and His Mercy is new for us each morning.  Yesterday is forgiven and the steps forward we made yesterday are victories that we should rejoice in - knowing our Saviour is teaching us.

Today we have new opportunities to grow and be enriched in our soul.  Coming to new understanding of the Lord's Mercy and Grace in our lives, we should thank Him and praise Him, each new day. 

Rise up from your bed with Joy, giving thanks.  Keep the seasons of mourning short for the things you are loosening and cutting off - know that He has begun the good work in your life and allow the other person to receive also from the Lord.