Abundant Supply

13/05/2015 12:22

Friend, flowing from the Throne of Grace and Mercy are Love, Truth, Wisdom, Kindness, Generosity, and every other Good thing for our life here on earth and the Life to come.

There is an abundant supply of all we need, for each one of us who believes in Jesus.

The Lord is always seeking good for our lives. 

When we are far from Him in belief, we make it harder for Him to reach us.  We close ourselves up from the abundant supply of His Grace and Mercy and Love.

Why not, instead, turn around and face Him and open up your soul, spirit, heart and mind to Him?

Just get a glimpse of the Goodness of Who He is and you will see that the road ahead could be glorious for you.

When our will is not in a symbiotic relationship with the will of God, we will never receive all the blessings He has for us.

His blessings flow easily when unhindered by unbelief, arrogance, fear, anger, and hatred.  Ask Him for forgiveness and truly receive it from Him.  Believe that He died for your sins and has made a way for you to know Him and receive abundant supply for your life.