According To Your Faith

13/04/2016 16:35

Friend, how is your faith in God?

Can it be measured? Non existent, empty, low, medium, medium high, or full?

Remember that faith is believing, and does not have to include seeing.

We walk by faith, not by sight.  

Like children! From youngsters they do not know what to expect. All is new to them so they walk by faith in all they do.

They trust.

Jesus wants us to be like these little children. Trusting and believing in Him and His Word.

He keeps it simple for us. We do not have to know where the stars are aligned, or what gods or animals are better than another for any specific need.

No, it's just Him and His Word.

And, His Word says "According to your faith, be it unto you."

So it's important to grow spiritually in faith with the heart, and from there the mind will begin to help the body members to do the Righteous thing; and all things will be given according to your faith, and God's Will, to you.

Pray daily for this mind and heart combination that you may please the Lord with a big and full faith as like a little child.

He loves you and this is a Gift from God; Faith as like a little child.

Learn of Him through the reading of His Words in the New Testament and you will find that Truth will jump out at you.

Grab it and place it in your heart. Speak the Words and secure them like and anchor for your soul.