Acknowledging Jesus As Lord

09/09/2015 09:33

Friend, it is true that many will not acknowledge Jesus as Lord.

Sadly, they have a rebellious heart and mind.

They are unable to humble themselves and they see their own mind as the one thing they have that is above all things.

They will not accept that the great mind they have is owned by One even greater than themselves.

Their mind has been deluded by the evil one; who sees their ego and grasps hold of it to subtly reveal "other" ideas that will keep that ego trapped in another "world" for their entire lifetime; thereby being able to claim it for evil's purposes after death.

God allows this because He also has shown His great Power, Grace and Mercy in the world to all who enter it. He has left a space in the heart of all that only He can enter. And the Holy Spirit has been assigned to the earth since the Resurrection, to work with everyone of us; to draw us closer to the Saviour.

None will have an excuse when they die, and find themselves in a place where they think they should not be. 

God will show them all the ways He revealed Himself and they will see they chose to be blind and not hear.

Is this you?

Today we have the chance to change that. Today you can change that. Today you can decide to listen to the Spirit of God. Today you can choose to believe that Jesus died for your sins and you can call Him Saviour.

You can be FORGIVEN for turning your back to Him.  He understands. He loves you and wants to have a personal relationship with you that is bigger than anything you could ever want that is available on this earth.

Some people want to meet their favourite television or movie star and think that will bring them such happiness that their life will be changed forever.  The memory will always be there.

But will that personality ever call you or take your calls?

Jesus will call you and speak with you every day, all day if necessary.  You can call on Him and be assured He hears you.

All you have to do is acknowledge Him as Lord of your life.

Prayer.  Jesus I acknowledge you as Lord and ask you to live in me and guide and direct me. Thank You, Holy Spirit for bringing me to this point and dying for my sins. Help me to have a relationship with You that will please You. Amen.