Affirmations for Life

20/03/2016 11:01

Friend, we all are on a journey through life in the flesh. But God would like to see us all return Home to the Kingdom of God!

He has big plans for us.

He is a Good God and He owns everything. He is a Creator God and is always creating.

There is a place for each one of us in the Heavenly Realm.

We know not what; God will not reveal the answers to us during our sojourn on earth.

Satan unfortunately, has his own plans and has revealed all things to us that pander to our flesh. He offers up things that begulie us and tantalize us. Things that deceive and will harm.

But God deals in the soul and spirit. These are the aspects of man that He nourishes.

It's important to think in the spirit and not allow the flesh to have it's way.

Every decision and choice we make should be based on spirit and soul, not the flesh.

Here's some affirmations for that purpose.

Through the Power of Christ within me, I can do all things good.

I glorify God in the Highest Heaven for He is Good.

My God is Above All Things and cannot be shaken.

I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me.

I love Him because He first loved me - died for me before I was born.

I am free through Christ, my Redeemer.

I have faith in Holy God who has made a Way for me.

Jesus who is in me is greater than satan who is in the world.

Let the Light of His Love and the Divine Supply of His Kingdom be in my home now.

Pour out the oil of Love on me, oh Lord, my Saviour.

Friend, you will learn more as you begin to read through the Holy Bible. You will find them almost pop out of the pages at you they will speak to you so powerfully.

Perhaps you have experienced that here, reading this blog but it is a small drop of what God can reveal to you of how He helps you, teaches and guides you.

Bless everyone who reads these blogs and fill them with the Peace of our Lord Jesus.