Afraid of the Bible?

19/07/2014 13:51

Afraid of the Bible?

Many are!  However none of us should ever leave this life before having read through the Gospel of John.  It comes after Luke.  I have heard it recommended to read through John's gospel at least three times to fully understand what is written there.  One should take their time in doing this.  Put it down when there is something to mull over and alllow your mind to question.

Sometimes we're afraid that something will be required of us.  An act of obedience that we in our unbelief think we could not do, perhaps?

Friend, do not be afraid.  God is good.  He knows the way for you.  If He asks something of you, do you think it will not be for your good, for personal growth, for enlightenment? 

He knows what your next step should be.  He knows how to orchestrate what has been going on in your life and bring you to a place of joy. He knows you can only do baby steps, and He is there for you to lean on. 

Why continue doing what you have been doing and expecting a different result?  It will not happen.

Something has to change.  Read the fourth book in the New Testament as if a trusted friend is speaking to you, and be blessed by John's words.