Align Your Thoughts With Jesus

27/08/2014 16:48

The Lord's thoughts are not like our thoughts, nor are His ways like ours.

When troubles come or afflictions of any kind, we would do best to rejoice in the Hope that we have in Him while waiting in the midst of the battle for Him to conquer the problem.

Just go about your daily chores, study, work or whatever you do with the thought  and knowledge that He will cause all things to come together for good for you.

If we keep our mind focused on Him we are able to be calm, at peace and kind and gracious to others as we wait for our victory through His work in our life.

When we fall back and begin to think of "self" in the affliction we begin to think of our own righteousness and how  we, "don't deserve this - I've been good, I never do anything to hurt anybody, why am I being persecuted" kind of thinking.  This is "self" exerting it's control over your mind in a very sneaky and demonic way. 

When you recognize this happening, immediatly tell the Lord how great He is and how you love Him - aligning your "self" with Him.  Thank Him for your Salvation. You took that step and He accepted you.  Thank Him!

Blessings to you.