All Are Forgiven

18/06/2018 21:35

Friend, all are Forgiven, but not all die Saved from their sin's due punishment under The Law; which holds all that is in place, because God Himself in Three Persons, is The Law, and The Law calls for the Lawbreaker to pay a price.

It is through His Law that all He does is created and operates. He has created, owns and operates all the Heavens, universes, galaxies and whatever we may in the future discover!

The saddest burden for a believer to carry for our fellow man; family, friends, neighbours, co-workers, is to know that many who believe they will be in Heaven, have no understanding of how God Is. 

They don't have the Knowledge of Who He really Is, What He really does; according to what He has decreed we as His creation, are permitted to know; which He has put limits on, because He is Fully Good and Holy, and in charge. (Fully Holy Lawful.)

People who to us are the epitome of "good" we may not see in Heaven, but others who we know continue to sin openly (but who we know do in their hearts love Jesus and have accepted Him as their Saviour; it's just they struggle with the demons in their lives; always working to complete what the Spirit asks of them,) we will see in Heaven.

Both the fully wicked, and the good, and the saved, will be Judged; and the reward for each is measured by God against His Law, which is set and is not going to be changed by a smart advocate (lawyer) for the unbeliever.

At The Judgement, every knee shall bow to God Almighty. 

His Presence alone will bend the knees of the most openly antagonistic hater of God.

Yes, "every knee shall bow." Some willingly in worshipful adoration and love and others because they have no power to stop themselves from bowing in His Presence.

Jesus Who is Holy, and does not make mistakes, knows all about all of us. There is no hiding from Him.

He will step forward for the believers who love Him, and gather them to Himself, to be with Him forevermore, doing work in the Heavenly Kingdom of Almighty God, Pure and Loving towards those who love Him. We may be citizens of the new earth the Bible speaks about.

Not all will be separated and enter the Holy Kingdom, even though The Lord died for all sins for all people.

We must ask God where we stand now, under, in, with and by, His Law.

Are we sinless or sinful?

Jesus wants you to know and understand your soul's situation. 

He will be Truthful with you, by The Spirit. 

He cannot lie. Truth can hurt, but He asks us to be strong and believe Him.

He says in His Word, The Holy Bible that The Law is Perfect and all on this earth, come short of fulfiling The Law.

We are sinful according to The Law's standard set by God, All Powerful and Loving.

All are in need of a Saviour.

He will point us to consider The Cross, and He Who is our Saviour, because, He paid the price

He is our Saviour/Redeemer.

That's where His Son died for our sins, on the Cross at Calvary according to the Will and Law of God.

The one sin that cannot be Forgiven is the one that denies the Cross as the means to Salvation; denies Christ, denies The Son, denies Jesus, denies The Holy Spirit.

The Father will not accept the sinner who denies he is a sinner in need of a Saviour; because God says those who deny this fact, deny His Son's Sacrifice; and in doing so, they deny the Authority of God, and The Law.

If we have been Forgiven (by God) why not accept Forgiveness?

Why do many deny Forgiveness, as if they are able to "spar verbally" with Almighty God Who knows everything to Perfection.

Will they not humble themselves? Do they think they, the created one, are mightier than God?

Do they think God loves them and their sinful ways enough to make a special addendum to The Law, exonerating them?

Maybe they believe they have lived a good enough life and God has placed many burdens on them already that He will excuse them and send them to the side while He judges all others?


Whatever excuse you have devised for yourself you might want to run it by The Holy Spirit right now; for we never know when our alloted time is up and if we have not come to the correct conclusion, our soul is in mortal danger of everlasting Hell.

We are all Forgiven, and we must explore that reality. How? Why?