All Of Our Tomorrows

03/08/2016 20:42

Friend, we shoud never be afraid of what is to come when we love God.

To love Him is to know that He has everything concerning us, under His Care.

He is the Master Who Created Time, and He owns all that is. Anything we can think of and much we would never think of, has been planned by Him and formed as a living sculpture that He exists within.

He does not have to sit around a table with less intelligent beings to draw out plans, wait for them to be approved, and lay out a timeframe for them to be completed.

No, our God is so Powerful, Glorious, Omnipotent that we cannot begin to imagine the Totality of Him.

We do not have the words to explain Him.

He is felt within the heart and mind and heard within the spirit.

There is no need to fear when we know Him. He takes care of us and has our tomorrows planned according to His Will which is always for His Good.

To walk with Him on the Path of Love is to stay connected to Him and in His Loving Kindness.

Everything concerning us will be completed in His Timing and He will accomplish all He Wills when we follow Him.

The battles ahead are His and He will bring us through them according to His Will.

We do not know the exact state of our soul.

We may think we are a sinner but in fact we may be a very bad sinner who has really broken many Laws and yes, forgiveness may be ours but the consequences of those broken Laws may have us in a place where it will take time to orchestrate other's lives in order to accomplish His Will

Therefore there will be times of waiting.