Alone With Jesus

19/03/2016 06:30

Friend, consider spending more time alone with Jesus.

When your heart is hurting and your mind is confused, these are indications that your need is spiritual.

Go to the Fountain and spend time alone with Jesus.

Pour out your thoughts to Him. Be emotional. Bow the head and tell Him you love Him and need His help in the matter.

Allow Him to be in your thought process so that when He interrupts or, corrects or reprooves you are able to say, "Yes, Lord. I see that is not acceptable."

These alone times can be great times of growing in personal Godly Knowledge. He is the Father you always needed. Let Him guide you to the correct way of thinking regarding your problems. When you can stand in agreement with Him, you will have a Path of moving forward through the storms of life.

Have a heart of love and humbleness before the Throne of Grace and Mercy. Be willing to learn new Ways to conduct yourself, and then activate what you have learned from Him, into your daily life.

When we set out on road trips without Him, we make ghastly mistakes that sometimes take years to correct.

During these times spent away from God, we deny Him our presence and attention to His need for our love and companionship for which He created us.

Neglecting this time alone with Jesus is selfish. We secretly know that we want it our way.

It is a sin and the one which when we think we have had a relationship with Him, will see us condemned when He says, to us " I knew you not."

And it will be the Truth.