Am I right with God?

19/07/2014 13:57

Am I Right with God?

Beloved, this is a question to ask yourself from time to time.

If your soul was required of you this night, where would it go?

There are only two possibilities as you will find out.  Hopefully before you exit this life, through your seeking and searching you will find the answer.

I have found and wish to share that the two possibilities are Heaven or Hell.

Everything else is a lie.  Perhaps with a sense of truth to get you to believe, but in totality, a LIE.

There is a lot going on in the spirit world but there are only two possibilites for those spirits.  God's Holy angels and inhabitants of Heaven and Satan's demonic demons. 

Now you have to ask yourself which of these you are influenced by. 

There are many quick and simple conclusions.

Addicted to drugs/alcohol that alter the mind and cause the body to crave more.  Satanic influence.

Addicted to using another person to fulfill any desire.  Satanic influence.

Stealing, coveting what another has, lying, cheating, seeking revenge, hating on others.  Satanic influence.

If we are honest we will see that the father of lies has used us in some way, even if at this present moment, we are not under his influence.

The bible says that Satan came to kill, steal and destroy.

Kill our physical body before we get a chance to know we have a Saviour!

Steal our soul when we die, because he has kept us in bondage while we were alive.

Destroy our spirit, while we are alive so he can steal the soul.

Satan is good at what he does.  He entices us with the things of the world which appeal to our baser nature.

Anything that will destroy the body - alcohol, cigarettes, illict drugs, sexual perversions.

We try these things because the first use or try is pleasureable for the mind and body.  We immediately want more and he knows it.

Because we have free will from God and are not robots, we merrily go on our way down the path of destruction for our soul.

Satan perverts every good thing that God has given us, starting with free choice, because soon, it is not our choice anymore, we are hooked and driven by the lust for that sin.

Satan gets in the door early with children, getting them to be deceitful to parents ( which we usually think is cute) just as he did in the garden of Eden with Eve and then Adam who blamed God for the whole mess.

But, God had a plan that Satan was not privy to.  God would Himself send His Son (Himself) to be a sacrifice so that a New Way could be made for those who were not Satanic. 

We can renounce any allegiance to Satan now and accept the sacrifice of God and start out anew.

Praise God for the Sacrifice, the Plan, His Power over all things and the New Law which does not do away with the old Law but is in addition to.