Another World

06/02/2015 13:05

Through faith we can know the "other world" of Peace, Love, Truth and Joy.

It is the world where our spirit can reside after our physical death, if we have faith in the Lord Jesus - the Christ, who came to make a Way for us to go there.

Through faith in Him as our Saviour and Lord God Almighty, we can have Peace that surpasses understanding.

We can know Joy unspeakable when our spirit is in full faith agreement - that He is the Son of God who came to save.

Through Him we can know the Truth that only He who is Truth, can reveal to us.

And, because He loved us when we were sinners and died to make a Way for us to have eternal life with Him in Paradise, we know we are loved by Love itself (Jesus).

Friend, know that you are His beloved child and that you can have the Peace, Love, Truth and Joy of God for yourself, through faith in Him.

If you understand this concept, then you are well on your way to having the knowledge of the "other world."