How to Cure Anxiety and Other Disorders

21/05/2015 22:03

Friend, Jesus is the answer to all the illnesses and dis-ease of the soul and spirit which cause many of the problems in the body - not all, but many.

Anxiety, depression, fears of all kinds, emptiness, unloved, unloving, jaded, mental instabilities, anger, bitterness, envy, lusts of all kinds, laziness, ignorance, uncleanliness, fogginess of the mind, inability to interact with others, lying lips and thoughts, deception, and all other ungodly thoughts and activities, belong to the evil one who keeps us trapped in these dis-eases of the soul and spirit.

If you are honest with yourself and have a desire to shed any of the above dis-eases, turn to the One who loves you and can cure you.  Walk with Him daily.  Read His Word and find the answer to your need.

Begin to agree with Him and the Holy Spirit who are delighted to have you available to them to cure.  They will do a good work in you and you will overcome all the illnesses you have in your soul and spirit with their help and guidance.

It can be accomplished.  Recognize that if you are taking medication for any disease and you are helped by it that the Spirit has already guided you to this and that medication is a part of what your body needs to recover.

God works through the hands and minds of physicians - especially when they are believers and when we have prayed to God for guidance to the physician of His choice.

Always pray about your appointments and the medications also, to be correct and that God has a part in your recovery plan with the medical people on your team.

When you realize that God truly loves you, the feeling of being unloved by humans does not mean anything.  You realize they are the same as you, sinners who could be saved by Grace and Mercy also - the Love of Jesus is far above what a human can give you.

Ask God to help you to love as He does so that your ability to love or be unloving changes to one of pure Love which you can offer through Christ in you, toward others.

We learn also that anger and bitterness will fall away, because other people are just living up to the expectation of the title, sinner.

You, should be FORGIVEN. Christ died so you could have forgiveness.  Accept it now if you have not and begin to walk the healing path of mind, body and spirit.