Are You A Captive Of The World?

25/09/2014 12:58

Everyday we have a choice.  The world or Jesus.

Many of us are not aware that we have this choice to make.  The world through our upbringing, has been given the place in our hearts that it does not deserve.

Our heart has been given to us by the Lord but the world fills us with stimuli that pushes him away.

Jesus understands our predicament and is constantly revealing himself to us as we go about the daily grind. When we "stop to smell the roses" we may see what He is showing us.

The new life of newborns of all species is one area that He speaks to us of His Purity, Perfection, Beauty, Innocence, Love, Peace and all things Good.

The grandeur of His Creation in the plants, trees, flowers, vegetables, the Garden of Life is another.

The wonder of the sea and sky and the earth in all it's glory are there for us to marvel at the work of His Perfect Mind.

They are not meant to capture us, but to enlighten us as to Who God Is, and to find Him and align ourselves with Him because we see that he is Good and all the things He has wrought from the Mind of Himself are Good.

We also would see that there is evil abounding and this knowledge is good for us.  When we go about our day thinking there is no evil but only what man in his worldly weakness has allowed, we deny God and say man is in charge of himself.  This is the first step into evil and the one most people stumble down into the abyss on.

It's hard to find a way out on your own from this point of view. 

Now you are a captive of the world!

But, you don't have to be.  Jesus is reaching out His Mighty Hand to you.  Reach yours up to Him and let Him lift you up from the stairway to Hell.

Do it now! Time is always of the essence.

Choose ye this day whom ye will serve, God or the world.