Are You Free?

14/09/2015 20:37

Friend, ask yourself if you are truly free.

Go about today knowing there is freedom from fear, worry, and all the chains that have you bound to something earthly; some desire that is lustful, slothful, deceitful, and it can be yours.

You can have a freedom that is not of this world but will aid you mightily in this world. It is based on Love.

The owner of that Freedom, is Jesus the Son, who is God. He is not a prophet sent by God, but God Himself. He is not "a teacher."  He is Master Teacher!

He is above all people and above all things in the whole of creation and all things imagined and all things evil, devilish and belonging to darkness, because He is Pure and Holy Light and Love. 

Magicians wish they had His Power. But they are illusionists, that is all.  Musicians wish they had His Power, but they will fall on their knees when they hear the heavenly choir!

What the most accomplished human can do is nothing compared to Jesus. Yet many give them adulation. No, it is God who should get the adulation for giving them that gift. Without Him, they would not have the ability.

Many of us do realize that talented people have a Gift from God, but many of us think celebrated people have worked for their adulation and wealth, and we neglect to thank the One who gave them the ability.When we cheer them on or applaud them, it should be directed at God who gave them the talent.

Such as, "Praise God, for giving this gift that ministers to my spirit of Your Greatness and Power through this person  - who is just like myself in so many ways."

But, friend, He offers to us a freedom that gives us an inkling of His Power. Believers see prayer answered and know it is His doing, His answer, while the rest of the world calls it karma, fate and so on.

Believers recognize through the Holy Spirit's guidance and revelation to our spirit, great things as we go through our days unencumbered by the world's stupidity and evil. 

Does it touch us and affect us? Yes.

But we recognize that Jesus has allowed man to exercise his free will choices and we see the foolishness of those choices play out in our lives and the lives of those around us, yet we have a knowledge within us, that fills us with calm, comfort, peace, and the ability to discern God's hand at work in the midst of the chaos. And we know then to be thankful and grateful and when to praise Him.

Seek after this inner freedom for yourself and ask Jesus to fill you with His Holy Spirit and surround you with His Holy angels to protect you and guide you to the Path - that will fill you with the knowledge that your spirit and soul are free from the madness of this world, and that will guarantee you have a home in Heaven.

Christians are just passing through this world and we are to be like a savoury flavouring to add a dash of that "salt" to the lives of others we meet and sup with.

Do you have the freedom described?  This question is worth much meditation.