Are You Growing?

20/08/2014 10:22


Friend, are you growing in your walk to be spiritually full?

This is the garden you must tend as often as you can.

There are weeds to be pulled out and disposed of so they never return.  Make sure no seeds are left behind to grow again.

Sweep the path to keep it clear for your walk with the Lord.  Plant love and peace and kindess and generosity in your garden.  Remove hate, anger, unkindness, brutality, violence, and all the other negative growths that will impede beauty from appearing in your garden.

Meet the Lord daily to walk with Him and talk to Him in your garden.  Ask Him to show you the weeds that need to be iradicated.

He is the Living Water that waters your garden.  Your garden will thrive on Living Water.  Rebuilding and tending our gardens is a lifetime occupation.  It brings joy, and peace and happiness to feel the growth of the spirit in us as our garden springs to life and blooms producing fruit for the soul and others.

It's our responsibility to tend our own garden, no-one can do it for us.  Others can encourage, enlighten and show us but it is we who are ultimately responsible for our own garden.

Ask your self these questions...

Where do I start?   Weeds? Rake the dead leaves?  Till the soil and fertilize? Cut the dead blooms? Sweep the path? Lay a good foundation for the path? Trim the foliage to encourage new growth? Eat the ripe fruit?

Blessings to you as you tend your garden!