Are you His Beloved?

19/07/2014 13:35


Are you His Beloved?

Have you heard His voice?  

It is soft, it is gentle and kind.  

It is direct and full of Truth.

Steady your thoughts on Him – speak to Him even.  

Your spirit was created to have communion with Him and He is ready and willing now to hear from you.

Be still and know that He has the pathway for your life mapped out.  

He will walk it with you. Nothing will be too big for Him to overcome.

He will use every circumstance from your past life to bring you to the place of Light and Peace and Love.

Know it is a process and should not be governed by your feelings, but trust in Him and His ability.

He knows where you were headed and how to stop the locusts from destroying your soul. 

Just participate!  

Enjoy the journey.  

His yoke is light, not heavy like that of darkness.

You are His Beloved!