19/03/2016 08:01

Friend, are you so arrogant that you have decided that you do not need forgiveness?

In your mind, you will do quite well without God?

Or is your reasoning that you are not a sinner like everyone else?

You, in fact are a good person! You have no need of a God who would decree that sinners who have been given a Way, but not taken it; because they are basically good souls, will be sent to Hell.

Perhaps to you, Hell doesn't exist!

Friend, this is arrogant thinking to Holy God.

You do not get to make the rules, He does!

He has!

You do not know the workings of the universes.

He does. He created them and knows their innermost workings and can change them in a split second if He wants to.

How funny we are to God, and how sad we make Him when we think like this. Strutting around in our full worldly (sinful) splendour.

Friend, stop and take a look around. If you see signs of arrogance in your "self", slow it down and get rid of it.

God holds all the Power.  Just say those words to your "self."

You are not a pawn either. You are special to God but He can't reach you when you are clothed in arrogance.

He longs to shower you with Love and Grace and Mercy but those are not accepted by an arrogant heart.