Assurance Is Everything

03/06/2015 14:35

Friend, do you have the assurance that God loves and cares for you?

This is the one thing we all need.  It is the thing that will give us an inner peace.

Assurance of God's love I think you will agree could be the thing you are most in need of. Wouldn't things be much better if you had the assurance of His love and care; like a little child knowing it's father or mother totally loves them and will always be there for them?

We are always trying to get the assurance of love and care from our spouse, siblings, parents, co-workers, in our lives but even when they give as much as they can, it still seems to be lacking in some way or we find fault with it.

But, God's Love is different. To have that assurance, really does settle things. You begin to know that you are loved unconditionally as you learn more and more about God's character. 

Take comfort from God, and know that He loves and cares for you and will always be the lover of your soul. He knows the real you. The spirit He gave to you is part of Him. That is who He connects with and loves. That part of you is the part He nurtures and teaches and grows so that your body and mind will benefit in this life and eventually when your time comes to exit this life, you will be with Him in Heaven. 

Get to know your Creator/Redeemer through the Holy Bible.  The words it contains have the very essence of who God is, how Powerful He is, How loving He is, of Truth, Grace, Mercy and Life.

Find out about your Saviour by beginning to read the New Testament and hearing about the life of Jesus while He was on the earth, about how His crucifixion came to be and about the resurrection.  Learn about the healing He did and how and why the people were healed.

Unclutter your mind and offer up a prayer for wisdom to be given to you as you read so that you will be in the right frame of mind to receive all God has for you.

You will find that those who believe, have an assurance from God that He loves them and will receive all His promises.

Friend, having this assurance releases us to be forgiving to others, because we know that we have been forgiven; and if a Holy God can forgive us our sins, then we can forgive others.