At All Costs

16/08/2015 09:54

Friend, at all costs you must get to Heaven, and at all costs satan is trying to keep you from getting there!

Many are the people who say they will gladly go to hell.  Yes, I have heard it said, and it is becoming more and more the norm if what we hear on television today, is the correct indicator of people's hearts.

They think it is going to be a party in hell.  But, friend, the devil is a liar and deceiver.

God calls him the "father of lies."

We have been given free will to choose between Father God Almighty and Powerful, and the "father of lies."

Whom do you choose?

If satan is considered by God to be the "father of lies" then there is nobody who has been born on this earth, who matches up to him.

So we can safely say that he is worse than Hitler and all other tyrants both alive today and long gone - dead.

At all costs I want to be in Heaven with my Saviour and enjoy the benefits of being a child of God.

Don't you?

Today we have warnings on labels for products that tell of dangers or ways something might hurt us. 

God has one warning for us - choose today because you do not know when your time comes to die, and the choice must be made before death.

God will be able to prove to you and all Heaven's inhabitants that your judgement and punishment is according to Law and you were given every opportunity to choose Life Everlasting in the Kingdom, but did not.

There is no fooling God.  You can fool man and even joke around with the devil but God will not be mocked in such a way.

His Judgement will stand for all eternity after your death. 

Think about these things and choose wisely, friend.