At The Foot Of The Cross

28/07/2016 10:50

Friend, are you troubled?

Is the trial unbearable?

Are you confused, full of anxiety or afraid?

Whatever is weighing you down, take it to the Cross of Forgiveness.

Our burdens can become much lighter when we know that Christ Jesus will help us to bear them, in some cases remove them completely from our lives; when we surrender them to Him.

Imagine yourself coming close to the Cross and with arms full of all your troubles, laying them there, standing to thank Him and walking away without those burdens.

This is all that is required from a believer.

Christ died so you may have an abundant life.

Yes, evil follows us around dumping great loads of foolishness and ridiculousness all over us every day. God gives us the ability to discern evil from good so every time we recognize what evil has done, we can spiritually remove it from our mind and lay it at the foot of the Cross.

Take moments to kneel and pray there also, asking for forgiveness when you know you have not followed the spiritual path on a particular matter.

Christ is always available to forgive us when we kneel at the Cross where Love and Truth and Peace reside.

His love for us is that of a Father of greatest Wisdom, Who has the ability to change things. He is familiar with the Law and is Just. He knows the extent to which evil goes to undermine us and has made a Way for us to be redeemed under the Law.

Man loves to find a loophole in the law of the land, but God created a loophole for us in His Perfect Law; He sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sin ( to appease God's Wrath and Judgement of our sin); for all those souls who accept what Jesus did for them, as Truth and proof of the Father's Love.

Yes, friend, to kneel at the foot of the Cross is to be freed from the confusion and anxiety with which evil loves to fill our souls; to this I can attest.