29/11/2015 09:32

Friend, God's Authority is given to us when we are called by His Son's Name - Jesus.

Our personal world can change when we are dependent of God for this Authority. He allows and encourages us to use it as a tool to help us remove sin from our lives.

When we know that we are His and that we want no-one else's authority, we can begin to call on His Name to rebuke every evil thought and action and demon from our mind, body and soul.

Demons must leave when we tell them to - in the Name of Jesus.

The power that we have at our disposal comes through close relationship with Jesus which includes prayer and for more tenacious demons, fasting.

But for now, begin to use your new teaching to rid yourself of the daily annoyances that you know to be not Godly that are in your life.

We start with ourselves. We clean up our own soul. and spirit and body. We begin with thinking - the thoughts that lead to unwholesomeness.

A simple, "I reject that in the Name of Jesus!" is a good beginning in the everyday struggles against darkness.

The personal evil that likes to attach itself to the one who does not believe in Jesus, resists the believer as well - as they try to open up to the teachings of the Lord. But He has given us this tool to use and from what the Apostle Paul says, we will probably use it to fight the good fight within ourselves until we die.

But, the fight gets easier when we practise this and use it often to rebuke and destroy evil strongholds.

You will become a fierce fighter for your soul and have many victories through using this one simple tool given to you by Almighty God for vanquishing the devil and his demons.

Refuse to be intimidated by evil and when you see it at work a simple, "I reject that and I rebuke the Name of Jesus!" 

It can be said in your mind or out loud.  You have the Holy angels of Heaven on your side and demons have to leave because they know that Jesus is Lord and at the Name of Jesus the Bible says,  demons tremble and skulk away to search for another host they may destroy.

Commit to being free and you shall be free from the power of darkness. It's an inner struggle and that's where the battles are fought and won.

Jesus will use these victories as you grow stronger with Him as your King.