Barriers Of The Soul

23/03/2016 09:30

Friend, we all erect barriers to our soul's spiritual growth, through the sin we allow in our lives.

Pride, independence, selfishness, are the building blocks to the walls we erect that satan uses to keep us from the Light and Eternal Life.

If satan can keep us from knowing Godly things, he can claim our soul for his evil purposes both here on earth and in the afterlife.

But, the Lord has made a Way for our soul to be with Him in Eternity. We get to make the choice.

He died for all, but all will not accept his Gift.

Today you can let the Light shine in on your soul and illuminate all the dark recesses. You will see the sin for what it is if you prayerfully ask Jesus for help to extricate yourself from evil.

Break down the barriers! Step out from the shadows! Embrace the Light! Accept the One Who died for you to be FREE!

His name is Jesus!

We are coming up to the days of Christian celebration of our Lord's Death and Resurrection.

Let this time, "Easter 2016" be the date you give for your conversion into the born again life.

The sense of separation from spiritual things is only an illusion perpetrated on you by the evil one who has deceived you through your life. But, today you can say "No" to that life and begin the new journey as a born-again Christian who believes in the most Amazing and Holy God, Jesus the Son of Almighty God.

So friend, I ask you, " Have you heard enough and is your heart and mind enquiring after a Redeemer? Are you yearning to come out of isolation and into the Light and Love of God? Do you believe in Jesus your Saviour God? Will you join the Great Army of Believers as a born-again child of God?"

If yes, I pray the Lord heal your heart and mind, and sweep you into His Mighty arms and hold you so you know without a doubt He loves you.

Bless you, friend!