Be Alert To Satan

08/05/2015 11:00

Friend, we must be alert to the workings of satan, the enemy of God.

Satan works in the world to bring disharmony and keep our daily lives full of excesses that entice us away from God.  He seeks to manipulate and coerce and drag us into sin of all kinds.  The world is full of his works.  Every day he is using people to destroy us, so that we die without ever having heard the Word of God.

Satan distorts God's Word and uses people to deliver new messages to us.  He has introduced superstitions and black arts to confound us.  Whole belief systems are supported by satan.  He can appear as an angel of light and fool the unwise. (If you bow down to an image made by man, you have been fooled.)

Many people believe they are going to be with God when they die but they have allowed themselves to be fooled and God will prove it to them. They would not answer the call from Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  They went the path they desired while ignoring the Truth of the Spirit's voice.

They bought into the lie of satan and developed "stories" not Truth, for the masses who God says are goats and will be separated from His sheep when the time comes for Judgement.

Ask yourself, am I one of the goats or am I one of God's sheep who knows the Master's voice?

Hear the Spirit, open your mind, heart, eyes and ears and say, "Holy Spirit, I want to hear You and only You from now on."