Be An Overcomer

27/04/2015 08:38

Friend, in the world today we have come to believe that all must be allowed to be who they "want" to be.

It's a blanket statement that has seen many led to their death before knowing their Saviour.

Evil gets them in it's clutches and they enjoy their "uniqueness" so much that they will not listen to the Holy Spirit.

It takes a brave person to turn from wicked ways and say, "I have made a mistake, this is no longer for me.  I want Goodness and Light, and Love and Peace and Truth. Show me the way, God."

Today we say that you can be as evil as you want but many of us cry out when evil visits our door and comes in boldly and creates havoc - and stays, even overstays it's welcome.

Evil always has it's excuses as to why it must stay in the body it has been allowed to inhabit through a lack of Godly spirituality.

First comes, "It feels good for me." or "I was born this way."  Also,  "I'm going back to my culture or the ancient ways of my ancestors."

No, friend, these are not Truths of God.

Evil has won over their souls but God can do a makeover anytime we are willing. 

We can look up to God anytime and He is there, even in our wallowing.  We limit Him most of the time, but when we get up and call out, He will answer.

He is swift to help the brokenhearted, the lost, the lonely, the sick, the blind, the lame, those in poverty, when they call out to Him.

He gives comfort just by His Presence.  Knowing you are Loved with a Love that cannot compare to human love, is a great healer of the mind and heart and even the body.

Knowing that He is a Provider gives us the strength to go on in our work and be the best at what we do for we know He will make a way for us where there seems to be no way.

As we learn to come to Him for all our needs, and deny evil and it's pull on us, we grow in Grace and Mercy and receive showers of blessing from Heaven.  We are able to see them where before we saw nothing coming our way.

Now we have something to thank, praise and worship Him for.

Be an overcomer and you will know Great Love, Mercy and Grace.