Be Aware Of Your Partnership

28/08/2014 19:19


We're all like one of the two theives who were crucified on Calvary when our Lord was crucified.

We're in partnership with either the devil or with Jesus.

The prince of this world will be overthrown (John 12:31). His name is Lucifer, Beelzebub, Satan.

The Lord and Savior of this world is Jesus and He will reign in Victory.

Who are you in partnership with?  The Bible says if you haven't been grafted into the family of God through faith in Jesus if you are not a Jew, then you have chosen Satan's lies and therefore belong to him.

He may have deceived you but that will not be an excuse.  The Holy Spirit will have tried and toiled ceaselessly for your soul but you chose to listen to the lies.  You will see at the Judgement how easily you went along with the lies and how you would not listen to the Holy Spirit's urgings. 

So, friend, be aware of who you are partnered with and make the changes now to save your soul if you need to.

A partnership with Jesus and the Father and The Holy Spirit will bring you much more joy and inner happiness than Satan and his demonic army could ever do for you.  Their carnal good times are fleeting, my friend.

Choose wisely, now!