Be Real With God

12/04/2016 10:38

Friend, let today be the day when you fully commit to being real with God.

We try to be real with those closest with us but there is always something we hold back. Or we stretch the truth so that we don't look so bad. There are many ways and reasonings why we are not really real with others, even our spouses and parents.

You know what they are!

But, with God, we can be truth tellers. We can lay out all our issues, problems, trials and sufferings before Him and speak to Him about them all in minute detail about our feelings, why we did or thought, or said, "such and such."

He listens intently and gives answers and comments and encouragement and advice when we are fully committed to the Truth process.

God wants to have this conversation with you.

He'd love to have it before you get to the point of despair, which is where you are headed if you are not real with God.

Many sweep all this inner turmoil under a rug while they practise "other beliefs" but God is still waiting to have the Truth conversation.

Be real with God today and be blessed by the results, friend!