Be Thankful

09/07/2018 21:16

Friend, today was a day the devil thought he was going to win. He thought he would destroy a believer's hope in God, their love for God and faith in God.

The horrible deed was done to a much loved older pet.

It's chances were predicted to be dire - amputation or put down.

BUT GOD, was called upon.

The faith mantra was prayed. "no weapon formed against us, believers in Your Holy Name, Jesus, shall prosper." Prayer asking for the veterinarian to be guided by the Hands of Jesus to reset bones that we were told could not be reset availed much and kitty is home, purring and happy.

Expense was accrued but not more than could be afforded.

What was your challenge today?

Are you aware that it was a dart aimed by the demonic army, at you or a loved one?

Are you a believer who knows that to defeat evil, one must love God and be a faithful believer in Him?

Or are you just flowing along in life without an anchor?

How is that working? Happy? Content? At peace? Have inner Joy? Feel Loved? Know RealTruth? Full of Wisdom? Able to deal with all life throws at you?

Or, are you angry, hurt, unconvinced that God is Good? Depressed? Despairing for your future? Afraid of everything? Anxious & irritable? Trying out all belief systems but never finding true Peace? Living addicted to something because of fears, and not allowing yourself to be loved? Judging others, finding fault with everything and everyone? Overcome with medical issues, physical and emotional? Or, something else?

If so, know that Holy God in charge of All that exists, has made a Way out of the challenges we face. 

For the believer who is faithful and loyal to the One who died for our sins; who is covered in the Blood shed at Calvary to pay for our sins, we have an Advocate (Jesus) with the Father, Who will welcome us into His Presence. Who will help us to overcome obstacles that are constantly put in our way, to make us stumble in unbelief.

Have a thankful heart, search for God, seek His Love and Forgiveness with an open mind, a softened heart, ears ready to hear Truth and a willingness to find Peace and Joy.

God will be drawn to you when you have this attitude of gratitude in your heart and mind. 

He cannot deny you when you are willing to know Him.

It is His Will that all His creatures come to Him for Forgiveness and Love but He has given us Free Will as a Gift to deny Him if our heart is so inclined.