Begin a Prayer Life

02/04/2016 21:54

Friend, have you begun to pray?

God desires you speak to Him. It is called prayer.

The world snickers when Christians pray but don't be disturbed by that. The Lord has placed a knowledge in us - that says He hears our prayers and that things will change, when we pray.

The unbeliever is just biding his or her time. They are not ready for the changes that they inwardly know will come.They want to live life on their own terms and turn to God at the very last moment and grab the free Gift just in time to slide into Heaven.

I have actually been told, " Don't pray for me."

Why? I gave that much thought and realized with the help of the Holy Spirit, that this person knew that God would require changes in his attitudes and he just wasn't ready yet to make those committments to God.

In other words, He hadn't hit rock bottom yet. He was on drugs that were ruining his life but at the same time, he thought he was living the "life!" Praying would change that and He didn't think that what he was doing was all that bad even though those around him, especially his family saw the ravages of his drug dependency and the damage it was doing to the family as a whole. 

Basically unbelievers go about their lives with their back continualIy turned to God. As He moves trying to get them to face Him, they keep side-stepping and doing a two-step so they can keep their backs to Him.

It's quite funny, if it wasn't such a sad dance. The evil puppetmaster deceiving his puppet, who looks up to satan and his demonic forces through glazed eyes of adoration, not seeing through the haze of addiction. .

Maybe tonight their soul will be required to answer the call of death which cannot be avoided once God says "cooked." Our days are numbered and ordained by God and we know not when our last breath will be.

Immediately they are in the spiritual domain they will lament their choices. One, will be they will wish they had prayed for at the very least, forgiveness.

So friend, if this rings as a truth in your heart, please do not put off any longer, the spiritual aspect of prayer.

Prayer helps to change things in your life. It helps to change you into the person God intends. You will finally understand God's Will and see that it is reasonable and Good. 

Find some alone time when you will be uninterrupted and quietly tame your mind and focus on Who God Is. A place where your body will be comfortable. Laying on your bed is fine or in the pose for meditation. Sitting in your favourite chair...

Let your breath slow down the thought processes so they can focus on spiritual matters alone with no outside influences.

Call on Him by a favourite Name.

Jesus, Lord, Father, God, Saviour, Redeemer, Precious Lamb, Holy God.

Forgive my sins. Help my to be more like You.

Remind me Father before I sin and help me to contain myself to be sinless in the situations that come up.

Thank you for the Cross and I am grateful for Your Forgiveness and Sacrifice for my sinful behaviour.

Tell Him what you hope to learn and what you have learned. Ask for more clarity of spiritual meanings and matters.

Ask for the Holy Spirit and the angels of Heaven to help you so you do not stumble in your daily walk with Jesus.

Speak to Him of your past failures, foolishness and mayhem you caused and explain how mortified you are by it.

If you have recognized his Handiwork in your recent or past life thank Him profusely!

End by listening quietly for any small ideas or voices or feelings that come after praying in this way.

God will respond to a contrite and repentant heart.

Sing songs of love to Him.

End by saying, "In Jesus; Holy Name,"

When you have established with Him that you are a child of God, then you can ask aything according to His Will and you will have His answer,

Your life will be so much richer by having this daily prayer time alone with Jesus God,