Believers Hope

17/08/2015 10:41

Friend, we believers have a "hope" that defies the understanding of unbelievers.

In our hearts and mind, we know that we will live after death.  Death for us is a release from the flesh and an immediate renewal of life in spirit form where our soul has an abundantly fulfilling life in the Kingdom of God.

We understand that there is a Judgement but for those of us who Jesus knows as brothers and sisters  - those whose hearts fully love Him - we will be judged by God for what we did or did not do as a believer, for His Cause/Will.

Unbelievers will be judged also, and for them there is no hope.  They will receive a just sentence, but it will bring much "gnashing of teeth."  Every unbeliever no matter how proud and ferocious here on the earth, will be full of fear as they stand before Almighty God. 

There is no fooling God.  He has seen all and He knows all. What worked (lies and cunning) on the earth will no longer carry weight in an argument with God Himself.

God is Just and His Law is Perfect. Meditate on what this means for you and; see the holes in your earthly arguments; turn to God; recognize the Way He has made for you to change yourself from an unbeliever to a believer. 

His Son Jesus, paid the price for you to, in an instant, make the  move and become a Kingdom dweller, sitting at the banquet of Joy in Heaven.

Friend, if you have not accepted the Wonderful Gift of Grace and Love, you must do it soon.  God loves you deeply to the core of your being and He wants you to recognize the error of your ways and invite Him into your heart and mind. He will deal with you kindly and lovingly.

Choose now! Don't put it off.