Bitter Fruit

09/08/2014 19:30

Can you hate and cast aside the bitter fruit of your life?

The consequences of our actions in many instances bring bitter fruit.  We rail against God or others thinking He or "they" have brought this bitter fruit upon us.  But friend, stop, and think - for every action there is a reaction or consequence. 

If you continually do  and say something that brings bitter fruit into your life then, you must begin to change something.  Will a kinder word or action help the situation?  Will it bring a more welcome result?  Then take it. What does it matter if you don't get the upper hand or control the situation every time? 

If Jesus can forgive you your sins, who are you to deny someone? 

This is something we have to work at.  God will not remove it from our life supernaturally. He desires we become seasoned and strong in many areas of our carnal life so that spiritually we can grow.

Hate and greed and unkindness and all the carnal areas of life are strongholds that need to be broken, because they bring bitter fruit.

Psalm 27:14  Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; yea, wait for the Lord.

When we tire of the worlds goods and desire spiritual food to quench our thirst then we will be ready to humbly pay the price and let Jesus fill us with His Presence.

Guard your heart and mind, do not let them be divided or led astray. Think only of Jesus and feed on His Word.  The reward is great!