Blessings From Heaven

22/12/2014 12:13

Goodness, Light, Mercy, Love & Blessings flow from the throne of Grace constantly.

Do they fall on you?

Are you willing to accept them?

Is your heart open to receive?

Do you believe with your mind?

What is blocking your blessing?

Ask the Lord to help you to receive all He has for you on your journey through life.

Your journey is not the same as anyone else's, but He knows the Way for you.  He knows the thing that you need to work on that will unlock the blessings of His Mercy and Grace into your life.

But, Friend, you cannot fool God.  He knows the state of your heart.  Don't speak to Him with anything other than Truth. 

Humbly repent and acknowledge the sin in your life.  Make the changes He asks, and bask in the glow of knowing He is for you, and has a plan that you can accomplish, because He is walking with you and will guide and direct you. He will make a Way where there seems to be no way!