God Thoughts - Above Ours

25/07/2019 22:07

Here is one thought, of many, that people have when thinking about God.

"How can God send people to Hell?" they ask.

"Isn't He supposed to be a God of Love?"

They just won't reconcile it in their minds. God's Law is placed in our heart, but we choose to listen to satan - like Eve. We go about wanting things to be our way; the way we think they should be so that, all we do, will be "ok" with God.

We want to be able to sin and have God say " Well done, little child."

But, friend, we are not God. His Thoughts are far above ours. We have evil in us.

He governs all things. We do not.

We barely govern ourselves because evil tempts us constantly, and makes inroads into our spirit and soul which affects our mind and body from an early age; changing the Good which we have seen before birth, (when our souls were in another dimension and privy to the FACT that God exists) into a new reality in this life, causing us to deny there is even a God, choose unwisely, enact ridiculous laws to benefit selfishness and so on.

All man's law's should stand side by side with God's Law. That is all.

Our minds become breeding grounds for all things evil teaches and shows us.

He sees all things. We do not.

He is The Creator of All Things that exist now and all things to come. He knows every hair on our head, every thought we have; and that of all He created. The trees, it is said bow to Him. All Creation knows it's Master Builder, Who holds the Keys to every single thing created no matter how small or large.

There is no getting around or hiding from, how Masterful and Brilliantly Perfect God Is. 

Eternal punishment to us seems harsh, but to God it is a loving thing to do for the majority of His creation that has not turned from Him; thereby culling the evil from amongst them, so there will be no more temptation for them in Heaven.

Man does similar "culling" here on earth. The alligator that terrorizes a village, we hunt and kill; and so for other predatory animals that stalk us and our families.

He is protecting the rest of us and His Heavenly Kingdom, from the evil that some souls cling to, and will not, and never will concede their place in the heirachy of Hell.

God cannot allow them to continue to infect their evil ways into His people who love Him and desire the Peace, Love and Security He can give them; not to mention even in this life, nevertheless, through struggles and trials they choose Him.

Many people cannot conceive of The Judgment, thinking God is angry at us and just wants revenge. Evil forces are at work to keep us sidetracked and cautious of loving God.

But in reality He has set His Law in our hearts and we just ignore it and do what we want, but that does not stop His Law from being in existence and being Just in every way. 

Holy Law stands forever and will not be denied it's due course. All in the Heavenly Realms are watching. We are surrounded by great clouds of witnesses the Bible tells us.

We should be able to understand that He has the Right to Govern in Truth, Justice and Love. He created all things and He owns all things. He is the Potter and we are just the clay until He gives us a part of Him, a soul, which we see revealed at birth.

Ultimately He wants a Peaceful Kingdom and He will have it.

We hear in the Bible that God is wrathful at times.

It is true. He is wrathful when the ones He created and made a beautiful home and existence for, wish to reject His Beauty, Truth and Justice for the ways of evil, even after being exposed to His Son, and what He has done for them.

God's Wrath is tempered by His Goodness, His Law and the Holiness of God the All-Knowing and All-Seeing Almighty Creator of Everything that exists.

He doesn't set out to be the mad potter who in a fit of rage destroys all he has created; no, He is the Just and Holy Righteous God Who when He sees the flawed vessel that will never do what it is created for; destroys it with great sadness.

Many preachers find that when they speak on these subjects that many in the congregation fall away and do not attend the gathering together of souls to learn and be encouraged. The financial aspects of keeping the church doors open cause some pastors to soften the message and in return they have lukewarm believers, baby Christians, but larger congregations who never grow in their faith which is required according to the Bible.

The reason for this is because all believers and even new seekers of Truth are not at the same level of understanding of the scriptures and may feel ashamed, or guilty, angry or fearful when they hear The Truth; and not return to church for further instructions from the pulpit of a truthful pastor.

After all, preachers are human too, and can only address the teachings to the best of their ability, and to the degree they are in close companionship with the Holy Spirit.

Some preachers have their own agenda to only teach a certain way or on certain subjects and leave out a lot of cross referencing in the Bible and some even do not reference the Bible at all.

It is up to the individual, to come into a close personal relationship with Jesus the Christ of God, to speak with Him, and learn of the things He chooses for each individual; for their spiritual journey that will lead them back onto the Path of Righteousness and up the mountain to levels and levels of Higher enlightenment in the Ways of The Law, and to step up, to be a help, to their local churches so people can be ministered to, with truth in offerings from the church like Bible Studies for all ages, and church sanctioned groups for fellowshipping and learning about Jesus.

Many preachers do not want to preach about Hell.

But friends, we should be open to hearing about Hell so that we can decide if that is a place for us or not.